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Linkdump for December 27th

by Rob Friesel

First ‘Alien Earth’ Will Be Found in 2013 Mike Wall, writing at with a prediction for 2013. Please read it hand-in-hand with Caleb Scharf's post: "'Earth-Like' Planets May Be Anything But, Astronomer Argues". (tagged: exobiology astrobiology astronomy ) Debunking Responsive CSS Performance Myths Ilya Grigorik. tl;dr: not all stylesheets are blocking, and here's how […]

Linkdump for December 22nd

by Rob Friesel

Attackers Buying Own Data Centers for Botnets, Spam at threatpost (via B² (via /.)) (tagged: spam hacking crime politics security research ) The Physics of Space Battles at Gizmodo (via A.L.) (tagged: writing scifi science research physics todo ) Life on Mars theory boosted by new methane study at International Space Fellowship (via /.) (tagged: […]

Linkdump for June 30th

by Rob Friesel

Hands on with the Opera 10 Web browser beta at Macworld (via DF) — posting waaay after the fact but: I love what they've done with the tab bar. (tagged: opera browsers ui todo ) The Big Idea: Seth Shostak at Whatever (tagged: science space astronomy culture society exobiology research todo ) China Mieville on […]