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Linkdump for August 10th

by Rob Friesel

Nodeload2: Downloads Reloaded at GitHub (tagged: performance architecture git Node.js github ) Fastersite: Finding memory leaks Useful reading on a useful exercise in JavaScript profiling and how to identify and mitigate memory leaks. (Short answer (as usual?) is "be careful with the DOM".) (tagged: javascript web google performance programming essay ) Easy Hikes Around Lake […]

Stowe Pinnacle

by Rob Friesel

Perfect late-fall hiking day.  Cold (but felt “brisk” rather than cold) and extremely clear.  A touch of ice on the trail and some snow dusted hither and yon.  About as good a fall hiking day as you could ask for.  Stowe Pinnacle isn’t a terribly long hike but it is pretty steep; and the view […]