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Linkdump for May 10th

by Rob Friesel

How To Avoid Duplicate Downloads In Responsive Images David Newton writing for Smashing Magazine on the proposed picture element, Scott Jehl's polyfill, and some problems with the current fallback strategy. (tagged: picture element responsive design ) 5 reasons to use AngularJS in the corporate app world Oscar Villarreal: You can start by sprinkling it in […]

Linkdump for March 14th

by Rob Friesel

Thoughts on a (very) small project with Backbone and Backbone Boilerplate Rebecca Murphey on Backbone.js: My biggest complaint about Backbone is probably how unopinionated it is about the view layer. (tagged: Rebecca Murphey JavaScript Backbone.js ) Dan Awesome’s Rage Maker And as long as we're raging out with Rage Face memes… (tagged: weird internet humor […]

Program or Be Programmed

by Rob Friesel

Right from the first page, Douglas Rushkoff’s book Program or Be Programmed 1 reminded me of Nicholas Carr‘s, The Shallows 2 — only with a broader scope and more buzzwords and a less gloomy appraisal of the subject. Buy a copy on Amazon (affiliate link).[↩]My review is here on this blog. And/or: buy it on […]