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because they are in crisis

by !undefined

“Why do I tell this story? Mostly because it’s an example of a problem that found a solution, rather than the other way around. But also because it illustrates why people require solutions in the first place: because they are in crisis.

Amy Chess, The User Experience of….Fixing Things

She brings up a good point here about empathy: that it’s the critical tool in the UX researcher or designer’s toolkit because she is not faced with the same motivation-generating crisis that the person on the other end of the problem is.

Linkdump for August 14th

by Rob Friesel

Why mobile web apps are slow Drew Crawford (Sealed Abstract) wrote this a few weeks ago and I finally (finally? finally!) got around to reading it start-to-finish. The best part about it is that (as he says in the first paragraph) his discussion is entirely fact-based. And where possible he is also illustrating his methods […]

Linkdump for October 5th

by Rob Friesel

PKD writes the FBI October 28, 1972: “…several months ago I was approached by an individual who I have reason to believe belonged to a cover organization involving politics, illegal weapons, etc….” Dare we say that if it were anyone else we would believe him to be crazy? (And how does that preclude us from […]