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Monthly Archives: July 2004

my fortune awaits.

by Rob Friesel

In researching the iTrip recently , I thought: Hmm… I bet there’s a user forum out there where people have posted which frequencies they find to be the best in their area! But apparently, no one else has had this bright idea. All my Googling seems to turn up is commentary from people that have […]


by Rob Friesel

Something about 1,650 Duke freshmen with iPods frightens me. As if these little bastards weren’t privileged enough… Or was I thinking of Wake Forest…? At least they’ll have the trendiest Spanish student exercises in the country.

dream.20040714: Amish ring tones

by Rob Friesel

SCENE: Dimly lit bar; Miller Lite pool lamp is the main source of illumination. (Note, people are smoking, so it can’t be Burlington.) It is early and not yet crowded but starting to fill up. I approach a friend of mine that I spot there and ask how he’s been lately. He tells me “not […]

100 Million iTunes.

by Rob Friesel

They did it. Apple sold 100 million songs via the iTunes Music store. It’s neat to see all the songs that ppl d/l’d to help them win iPods. I have to say though… It’s nice to see that a song with a little class was the winning track. And does anyone else find it appropriately […]