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Monthly Archives: December 2008

2008 Goals: year in review

by Rob Friesel

2008 was the second year that we tracked some SMART goals here at F_D for its humble narrator.  Our accomplishments during 2007 were excellent overall, so we decided to repeat the experiment.  We mixed it up a bit for 2008, tweaking the individual goals, adding some new ones, removing other irrelevant ones…  And 2008 mixed […]

Linkdump for December 31st

by Rob Friesel

Things 1.0rc now available at TUAW :: featuring a 20% off coupon code (tagged: Things GTD Mac OSX software todo ) Eventually Consistent – Revisited at All Things Distributed (tagged: essay scalability dev work todo ) Baader-Meinhof phenomenon (tagged: via:fogus language brain learning ) Version Control with Subversion (tagged: reference subversion ) Fairpoint Pledges To […]

Linkdump for December 27th

by Rob Friesel

Make A GIF I've been obsessing about cheesy animated GIFs lately. I don't know why. (tagged: design graphics gif generator tools ) Whole Grain Soups and Stews At Mighty Foods. (tagged: via:aspiringlibrarian food recipe ) List of The Wire characters at Wikipedia: wanted: visualization of all characters, color-coded and indexed by the number of episodes […]

Linkdump for December 24th

by Rob Friesel

Potato Latkes Recipe looks really fraggin' good (tagged: via:aspiringlibrarian food recipe todo ) Percent of state population that identifies with "no religion" by State at Swivel Featured Graphs: once again: go VT! (tagged: Vermont religion data visualization ) Inkscape via LifeHacker (among others) :: open source SVG editor (and Illustrator alternative). "Draw Freely." (tagged: Mac […]

Hey Facebook: breastfeeding is not obscene

by Rob Friesel

Via A.: Protest flares up on Facebook over breast-feeding photos: A minirevolt is underway at Facebook after photos of mothers nursing their babies were removed from their personal pages. ¶ More than 58,000 people have joined a Facebook group called “Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!” to complain about the censorship. The article’s comment thread is a […]

Linkdump for December 21st

by Rob Friesel

Top 10 Ways to Lock Down Your Data a Lifehacker Top 10 ( lifehacks tech security ) Burlington, VT · parking ban info, warnings and history ( Burlington Vermont ) William Gibson’s AGRIPPA Recovered and Revealed at Slashdot ( scifi art entertainment ) Extending Reader and Proxy – An Ext Flickr Image Gallery ( […]