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Homebrew #96: Honestatis (Mk. IX)

by Rob Friesel

It had been too long. Mk. VIII was… summer of 2018!? Did all of 2019 slip by without a single batch of Honestatis? I suppose it’s possible — we were busy last year. But as 2019 closed out and I looked ahead to 2020, I committed to two seemingly opposed brew goals. The first? Brew […]

Homebrew #59: Honestatis (Mk. VIII)

by Rob Friesel

It’s been since December that I last had Honestatis on draft around here 1 and felt I was overdue to brew the next batch. I’d been tinkering with the formulation a bit, following some tasting notes from the last time I’d brewed it with Dan, but as it happens… so was he. Rather than duplicate […]

Homebrew #28: Honestatis (Mk. V)

by Rob Friesel

When 14th Star announced that they were going to sponsor the third Make the Cut challenge in 2017, I knew immediately that I wanted to enter, and I knew immediately what beer I was going to enter. After all, if I wasn’t fond of this recipe, then why would I have brewed it four previous […]

Homebrew #24: Honestatis (Mk. IV)

by Rob Friesel

I was coming up on the second anniversary of my first homebrew; my twenty-fourth overall, and my twenty-first as Tilde Gravitywerks. I got the idea that since it was a red ale that started it all, and since I’ve been working on a red ale as my signature beer, that such a beer was what […]