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Linkdump for August 30th

by Rob Friesel

The Sass Way (tagged: Ruby css Sass blog ) Sass for Designers at SonSpring (tagged: webdev css sass ) Nanolaw with Daughter Been meaning to read this for months. Finally for around to it. So worth it. (tagged: writing scifi future history fiction ) In the privacy of our homes at Code: Flickr Developer Blog […]

Linkdump for December 27th

by Rob Friesel

35 Google open-source projects that you probably don’t know at 0x1fff — quite a few things to check out here… (tagged: webdev google opensource todo ) Simulating single-payer by Paul Krugman at (via lawnczar) (tagged: politics HCR Krugman essay ) Why programmers are not paid in proportion to their productivity at The Endeavour (via […]

Linkdump for November 23rd

by Rob Friesel

Beverage Company McKinlay And Co. Drills For Vintage Scotch Whiskey In Antarctica at (via B²) — I wish all news stories were like this. It has everything! (tagged: whiskey conservation Antarctica environment history news ) Pasadena Yoga Some linky love for a friend's yoga program down in MD. (tagged: Maryland yoga friend ) Hacked […]