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Monthly Archives: May 2004


by Rob Friesel

And so, Nigel McFarlane prophecies the end of the web browser. Or at least, breaks down why a new “browser war” may be necessary to keep it from slipping into obscurity and disappearing to all but “a few idealistic hippies, some idle perverts, and the disaffected.” First and foremost, let’s get one thing out of […]

iTunes Etiquette.

by Rob Friesel

RIDDLE! How does one handle the meta-data tagging for songs imported from a DJ mix? About half the time I insert a disk, the CDDB gives me the correct title, artist, and album name info … if by correct, we mean that each “artist” field has the name of the individual artists in them and […]


by Rob Friesel

I guess this sort of ties in to one of yesterday’s posts a little bit… Where is the breaking point? What are reasonable sacrifices? And when does it go too far? How much can you blame yourself? Is it too late to turn back without turning your back? Exhaustion interferes with productivity only slightly more […]


by Rob Friesel

Strangely low-tech yet strangely beautiful site on sushi. Never dip sushi in soy sauce from the rice-side and suck up too much amount. ┬áIt will be too bitter to eat, or will damage the taste of sushi seriously. Currently Playing: Dave Angel “Rematch”


by Rob Friesel

Now that my trial period has expired, I shall issue a brief, inconsequential review of: Konfabulator! the good: The idea is definitely good. I like the concept of being able to throw a bunch of neat little dynamic, iconic graphics on my desktop to feed me information. Especially since I can set them to be […]