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Monthly Archives: July 2006


by Rob Friesel

Get good at delivering bad news. “Always provide the person an avenue to preserve their dignity and self respect.” Kinkless. Get organized. (Shall we?) Kiefer Sutherland as Raistlin Majere? Awesome. Someone saw him in Freeway. I cannot wait for this to come out. 700 Hoboes. And finally: Fuck Everything, We’re Doing Five Blades!

micro update

by Rob Friesel

To follow up on the recent drama: Things settled down a little bit.  A few things came together and while we’ll still without a home, we’re not without a move-in date.  That said, a quick weekend trip to Maine was in order.  To decompress before the final act and get some other family business attended […]

interstitial post

by Rob Friesel

At the moment, A. and I are (for all practical purposes) homeless. We met a guy (Eric) last night who believe that it will make a funny story in about five years or so. Good lord do I hope he is right. Anyway, at the moment we’re scrambling to make sense of the miscommunications that […]

dream.20060717: Tom Cruise’s rant

by Rob Friesel

There’s a large body of folks from the community gathered in a central location. It’s like a pub where everyone gathers to watch the news and other entertainment. (Imagine an alternate history where people understood sharing and valued community gathering; the resulting present is this place where community’s are designed to be easily navigable by […]


by Rob Friesel

A couple of nice article slugs on LifeHacker about how to keep a budget and how to manage your emergency fund… B^2 plug for Dale Bailey‘s collection The Resurrection Man’s Legacy. Looks like it will be a good bunch of reading. Pink’s Wired article “What Kind of Genius Are You?” is available online. Interesting read: […]

VoodooPad 3.0!

by Rob Friesel

VoodooPad is up to 3.0.  Still undecided it I’m going to upgrade just yet.  There are now 3 tiers of the application and I’d lose the encryption unless I went “Pro” but man a tabbed interface and that PDF service are pretty sick looking…  And man (OH MAN!) does that “linkback” feature tickle me in […]