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Linkdump for November 9th

by Rob Friesel

Officials: Fake weapons parts ‘ticking time bomb’ At the Associated Press. Fascinating story. (tagged: military politics counterfeit research ) Goes Creative Commons: 50 Great Images That Are Now Yours Thanks, Wired. (tagged: creative commons wired ) To Find Alien Cities, Look for City Lights on Distant Planets at Popular Science (tagged: Science Astronomy ) […]

Linkdump for July 19th

by Rob Friesel

$ cheat git (tagged: tutorial reference git ) Pro Git – Reset Demystified Scott Chacon writing at the Pro Git blog; consider this post to be "part one" of the otherwise missing chapter on git reset. Good stuff. (tagged: tutorial git ) (tagged: design visualization tools art software todo ) Vermont Swimming Holes […]

Linkdump for June 24th

by Rob Friesel

The Maisel vs Baio Incident In case you haven't been paying attention, Duncan Davidson on the court case that never was: Maisel vs. Baio: Should Jay have the right to claim the derived image isn’t fair use and ask for a cease and desist? Yes. He’s not, as many are saying, a dick for his […]

Linkdump for May 16th

by Rob Friesel

Lexadecimal (tagged: webdev design css art geek ) The People vs. Goldman Sachs Matt Taibbi should get an award or a medal or carte blanche to start kicking these guys in the balls or something: The legal definition of financial fraud may be murky and complex, but everybody knows you can't lie to Congress. It's […]

Linkdump for July 12th

by Rob Friesel

Build Your Own Furniture: 9 Helpful Tips For Non-Carpenters at Wise Bread — resonates with me because I've been thinking about making a bookshelf or three… (tagged: woodworking carpentry DIY furniture essay todo ) Data URIs make CSS sprites obsolete at NCZOnline — yes please, anything to kill off sprites (tagged: css datauri webdev ) […]