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Search Term Haiku: November 2006

by Rob Friesel

breasts on a plane phobia haiku poems hypno erotic As a side note to our usual installment of “Search Term Haiku”, we are interestingly finding some new search terms gaining in popularity. In particular, lots of keyphrases with “zombie” and “phobia” and even “ambulothanatophobia”. Perhaps I’ll gain some authority as a resource for that “zombie […]


by Rob Friesel

The Indexed Phobia List confirms that “ambulo” and “thanato” are good roots to use in my zombie-phobia neologism. (And confirms that “ambulo” is the preferred prefix in the phobia realm for “walking”.) Little piece off on “Why Web 2.0 will end your privacy” (at least, your privacy as you know it … spime-watch […]

dream.20060518: phildickian

by Rob Friesel

I’ve travelled backward in time to interview Philip K. Dick. Instead of dying, he slipped into an alternate future and moved into a well-appointed retirement community. He’s got his own, secure bungalow and is generally left alone by the staff. He does not seem particularly happy to see me but that’s because (he admits) he […]