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Monthly Archives: August 2006


by Rob Friesel

Seriously, why aren’t we using secure email? Interesting /. slug on getting an African-language Wikipedia(s) up and running. “What use is an encyclopedia when literacy rates among a language’s speakers approach zero?” Flickr appears to have streamlined geo-tagging. w00t! Also: Croque-monsier? Look delicious! currently playing: Blonde Redhead “Elephant Woman”

dream.20060828: passive avoidance

by Rob Friesel

Urgency.  Family is waiting downstairs and outside.  Trying to keep away.  “Retire to my room for a bit” is a way of hiding.  The room is long but not wide.  It’s very cluttered.  It’s on the second floor.  It’s night outside but the back yard and oversized driveway are lit up by the headlights on […]

Some Sunday Songs

by Rob Friesel

The Fuck Off Method (Last Played is in the last 7 days, Limit to 10 songs selected by random.) Sister Machine Gun “Vibrator” Depeche Mode “I Feel Loved” Josh Wink “Young Again” PJ Harvey “The Slow Drug” Underworld “Bruce Lee” Bang! “Break Of Dawn” Butthole Surfers “Cough Syrup” BPT “Moody” Morrissey “We’ll Let You Know” […]

dream.20060823: lasagna

by Rob Friesel

My whole family is over for dinner.  A., my parents, my youngest brother…  It’s a good number of people considering that I’m accustomed to cooking for two (if I cook at all).  We’re back late from some evening entertainment (a film? the theater?) and I’ve been tasked with getting dinner together for everyone.  We decide […]

dream.20060821: debuggery

by Rob Friesel

I’m beta-testing, debugging, and troubleshooting some revolutionary software that’s being published by an Adult Entertainment Industry Consortium (read: Porn Studio).  The premise is pretty simple: you set a couple of variables (i.e., number of actors, general characteristics about the actors, ratio of close-ups to wide-angle shots, duration, etc.) and the software randomly generates a photorealistic […]