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Monthly Archives: October 2006

links for 2006-10-28

by Rob Friesel

RubyOSA (via TUAW) a Ruby/AppleEvent Bridge (tags: AppleScript Ruby dev OSX todo) More Internet Preference Pane for OS X that allows you to configure what application handles the downloading of different file types. (tags: freeware Mac OSX software UI tools) MenuMeters via Raging Menace – a preference pane for OS X that allows you to […]

dream.20061027: class, interrupted

by Rob Friesel

A dark, underground structure.  There are huge circular, collapsible blades for cutting and crushing.  A doctor (mortician? the city’s medical examiner?) is associated with this space.  We’ve been investigating him.  He’s the killer?  They’re already dead when they come down here?  We expect a grisly scene; we already know that this is where bodies are […]

NaNoWriMo 2006

by Rob Friesel

In ’04 my excuse was… Well, I didn’t have one. Last year I was in the midst of a “serious” project. (And, honestly, I still am…) But this year I have decided to do it. November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and (as declared elsewhere) I have signed up. I’ve decided that this is […]

links for 2006-10-26

by Rob Friesel

False 45th (tags: Vermont blog music) Charlie’s Diary Blog of author Charlie Stross (tags: blog writing scifi future fiction politics) The Brights’ Net (tags: atheism politics secularism science) Wired 14.11: The Church of the Non-Believers (tags: essay atheism science politics todo) Wired 14.11: Very Short Stories Six-word short stories from sci-fi authors, futurists, etc. Some […]

links for 2006-10-25

by Rob Friesel

Duplicatr 1.1 via Command-Tab: Flickr duplication… (tags: flickr photography hack OSX todo) IT Manager’s Journal :: Merging corporations with co-ops and open source via /.: Co-op as a business model for open source software (brilliant? or duh?) (tags: essay opensource software business leadership todo) cairo (tags: cairo graphics api framework opensource) Charlie’s Diary: Let’s put […]


by Rob Friesel

If you haven’t seen Kontroll yet: make it your next rental. I could not believe how excellent this film was. A surreal head trip from a brilliant Hungarian director, Kontroll follows the troubled ticket inspector Bulscú Bulcsú and his crew through some subterranean tribulations as a hooded figure pushes travelers into the paths of on-coming […]

nice try, kiddo…

by Rob Friesel

Via B^2: A 17 year old Polish kid got busted after police found him growing pot inside his computer. In a surreal moment here, I recall having had almost this exact dream a couple years ago. Except they were mushrooms (and not pot) inside the computer and it was campus security instead of Polish gestapo.