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Monthly Archives: October 2006

links for 2006-11-01

by Rob Friesel

Abusing Amazon images A breakdown of the image URL scheme and explanations on how to “abuse” it… (tags: Amazon essay graphics hack howto tutorial) Amazon Image Hacks A JavaScript widget for generating the URLs. (tags: Amazon graphics hack javascript tools) Ruby on Rails (tags: Ruby Rails dev framework webdev) Pathway Mentals maps from […]

Monday night brain dump

by Rob Friesel

A windsurfing, CSS-grudging, IE7-hating, web-developing, gigantic-machine-puzzling friend joins the blogging fray HiveLogic has a new Mac Pro: and wants you (me? us?) to name it Pete is rocking DC’s house party scene and Ben has the picture to prove it (don’t let the over-exposure fool you, this photo was NOT taken in 1977) I’ve made […]