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Homebrew #83: Mashers Scotch Ale

by Rob Friesel

Wherein I write about this beer belatedly, and with some distance. But with some distance (both temporal and geographic), it seems like I’d better write about this one for the sake of completeness, lest my trans-continental move-related homebrewing hiatus cause everyone to think I’ve disappeared. In any event, here’s a little story about the Mashers […]

Homebrew #84: Creighton’s Quip

by Rob Friesel

This year, I thought that a good ol’ fashioned Irish Red Ale in time for St. Patrick’s Day seemed like just the thing to have on draft. Reading through the style guide, I thought that a dry and slightly grainy interpretation of the style would suit me. That’s what brings us to Creighton’s Quip:1 There’s […]

Homebrew #81: Half Dark

by Rob Friesel

I’ve got a soft spot for amber beers. My first homebrew was an American Amber Ale (née red ale). It morphed into Honestatis, which I’ve brewed eight times (with multiple variations). And of course we can’t forget Sirius Moonlight (and Mk. II!) and Le Rousse. So when we were doing our BJCP study group, and […]